Interview with “Sitara” Bollywood star !

mai 28th, 2014

By Rachid Filali

-You are an actress and translator and journalist .. how you can successfully combine all these different areas?

One of the big lessons life has taught me, is that everything and anything can be done, as long as you have passion for it. The reason why I’ve been successful in combining these areas is because I don’t commit to doing things that I don’t have any passion for.

-You appeared before Bollywood movie stars, how would you describe this experience important?

That experience was important for me, because it helped me realize that ANYTHING is possible in life. No dream is too big or out of our reach.

-You know five languages​​, is it true that the acquisition of a foreign language helps us to open up to the culture of others and avoid prejudices?

It is 100% true that acquiring a foreign language helps expand our knowledge and understanding of other cultures. That has been the case for me in my life. I’ve immigrated three times in life. As a result, I’m more open and accepting of different cultures. 

-Who is your idol in art and life, and what do you think about Atiq Rahimi, Afghan great novelist?

I have had many inspirational idols growing up. It is difficult to name them because there are so many. I would say as an artist I recognize, respect, and appreciate the work of other artists. I recently saw Atiq Rahimi’s: The Patience Stone. It was simply GENIUS. The story was good, the direction was impeccable, the realism in it was haunting, and the actors were very good. I’m extremely happy to see Afghan artists slowly emerging in the field of arts and entertainment such as: Sonia Nassery Cole, Siddiq Barmak, Barmak Akram, and internationally acclaimed pianist Omar Akram.

-You traveled a lot across the world (Netherlands. India. America ..) You are also smart and beautiful woman, do you consider yourself lucky woman?

I consider myself INCREDIBLY BLESSED. In fact, I try to constantly remind myself of the fact that I could very well have been one of the street children in Afghanistan. Every single time I see pictures or documentaries about Afghanistan, I thank God for having blessed me with great opportunities in life. While grateful for my life, I pray for Afghan children who are less fortunate to have similar opportunities and blessings.

-Short questions:

What do you read now?

I’m in the middle of reading: A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson and Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. I also recently got a script by a friend called: The Afghan Woman. I’m very eager to start reading that as well.

What do you think of Arab women?

I think of Arab women, the same way I think of Afghan women, Dutch women, Indian women, American women, or any other women. I think of women as my sisters. I’m a firm believer that women all should stand with each other, not against each other. I have many Arab friends, mostly back in Holland. From music to food, we share a lot of things in common.

How do you see the future of Afghanistan?

That is a difficult question to answer. I pray for a better future for Afghanistan, and hope peace will prevail not only in Afghanistan, but all around the world.

What is the most beautiful word?


Afghan songs are very sad, why?

Most Afghan songs are very sad because songs often reflect on the lyricist or singer’s experiences. With a war torn country like Afghanistan, all Afghans have experienced tremendous amount of grief and sorrow. However, we have many singers who are also rejoicing the birth of a new Afghanistan with hopeful and cheerful songs such as: Farhad Darya’s songs Hai and Dosti (friendship): http://www.youtube.com/v/CtWQFowDZNM


What message do you want to submit it to


We should always remember that we are all one.  We are all human beings and we are in it together. Once we understand that we are one and the same, it will help us realize that hurting another means hurting ourselves. Disrupting another’ peace means disrupting our own peace.  That loving and caring for another, is the same as loving and caring for ourselves.


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