Interview with the famous American thinker Noam Chomsky

mai 30th, 2013

By Rachid Filali / Algeria

Professor Chomsky in this exclusive interview gave me a great honor, when he answered all my questions, which are on various issues of political, economic, linguistic, intellectual and other, I thank my teacher Professor Chomsky very much for his patience and generosity with me.



-Hello professor Noam Chomsky

I hope you are well.

I am a fan of your activity of scientific and political

-Glad to learn of your interests. 

- Sir

  What do you think about the Arab spring?

-Too big a topic for a brief answer, Im afraid.  In geeneral, I think it is a development of historic significance, in that it has at least shaken the foundations of a few of the dictatorships and might open ways to break out of historic subordination to western power, as South America has done in the past decade.  Achievements are real, in Tunisia and Egypt at least, but limited even there, with many obstacles to overcome.  More to say about each specific case.


Arabs live in the real horror of the future, and they want to know what happened exactly, is it true that the Arab spring of innovation America and Israel?

Whether you will write something about it because your opinion is very important, you are a genius philosopher and your analysis is logical and rational.

-Ive written about it. I know there ar are rumors that the US was inciting the Arab Spring, but I think the opposite is true: the US feared it and has sought to impede it in every possible way, supporting its client dictators as long as possible and when that cant be done, t, trying to restore ae as much of tf the old regime as possible.  This is standard operating procedure in such circumstances around the world.  The last thing the US and its allies want is functioning democracy.

-Some researchers believe that modern linguistic studies were limited to English only, while each language has its own specificity, and therefore it is impossible to generalize the final provisions of these studies, what do you think, sir?

-It’s true that some claim that, though it is manifestly absurd.  The first modern generative grammar (mine) was on Hebrew.  The first major book that came out of our project at MIT was on Hidatsa.  The co-founder of our department, Morris Halle, worked mostly on Russian.  By the 1960s MIT had become one of the world centers of aboriginal languages (Australian, American), and the first work on Japanese linguistics was coming out of our department.  Modern Romance, Germanic, Chinese,… linguistics also grew out oof our department substantially, then taking off elsewhere.

The rumors spread because I happen to work on English primarily.

-According to Forbes magazine, the number of billionaires has increased again this year despite the serious financial crisis( and have become the very rich, have a 7 per cent of global wealth)is not this evidence of the collapse of the values of capitalism, and the emergence of terrifying contradictions, billion poor in front of a small group of billionaires?

-Entirely consistent with capitalist values

-This is absolutely true.

But capitalism found originally for human well-being and support the freedom and privacy - at least philosophically - and not to destroy the man and the elimination of massive numbers of poor and needy?

-Claims are easy.  Every dictator would say the same thing.

-You are right unfortunately, but, Sir, what is the economic system which it deems “appropriate” and to preserve the dignity and human rights. Now?

-A topic for you to investigate and judge.

Dear Professor Chomsky

-I have a question related to the phenomenon of Wikileaks .. Do you think - sir - that everything published on this site is true, what about freedom of expression in America now, and what are the limits of freedom of expression in your opinion?

-I dont know of any reason to doubt the authenticity of the documents that are released.

Releasing them, in my opinion, falls well within the bounds of what should be permitted in a free and democratic society.

On the absolute limits?  That raises very difficult questions, surely not for a letter.

-Do you think that the origin of all languages is not one language (firstrstrst language), but several languages appeared ared simultaneously in different parts of the world, before it splits into existing languages ‚just as it found four invententions of writing and independently in different areas?

-The origin of language is enshrouded in mystery, and very likely will never be resolved.  I can send you my own thoughts if you like.  Writing is a completely separate matter, tens of thousands of years after languages had proliferated all over the world.

-The signs of chauvinism of language between the British and Americans, published a series of “Harry Potter” in two editions in two different in these two countries, all this to please readers of both countries mentioned .. As you know, Sir, that the Webster’s dictionary and the Oxford Dictionary containing clear differences in terms of spelling and pronunciation etc. ..

-Dont follow.  Its normal for books published in the two countries to keep to their orthographies and pronunciation.

-There are repeated attempts to monopolize the English to be country-specific, meaning that Americans want English “fit their mentality,” as well as is the case with the Canadians, Australians, etc. ..

Sir, how do you explain this phenomenon, which can be called “linguistic chauvinism”?

I don’t know about the phenomenon, but if it exists it’s like any other form of chauvinism.

-The genetic study recently published in the “American Journal of Human Genetics” revealed that the origin of humans from the Arabian Peninsula, is this a new myth or scientific fact confirmed?

-I looked the journal up on the internet, but could find no such article.  It would also be very dubious, given the great weight of evidence for African origins.

-I did not ask the right way, I mean that contemporary civilizations launched from the Arabian Peninsula.

Here’s the text of the article in the newspaper of America:

The First Steps out of Africa

“Although it is common knowledge that humans originated in Africa, the nature of the path taken on the way to populating Europe and Asia has remained controversial. In this study of mitochondrial genetic diversity, Fernandes et al. Analyze three rare, geographically dispersed, western Eurasian haplogroups and show that they share an ancient Arabian ancestry, coalescing ~ 60 kya, a time frame consistent with out-of-Africa migration into western Eurasia. Together with corroborating archaeological evidence, these findings provide strong evidence that Arabia was a major staging area for the spread of modern humans. “

-That’s conceivable.


-here are a number of scientists confirms that thinking is only in words, but how to think, then, “Deaf Mute”?

*Why should we accept the premise?

-Dear Professor

The debate about the nature of the relationship between thought and language is still present even now, despite the significant progress made by the linguistic research of great thinkers like you, and for you sir, is there a process of thinking outside the language? There is a level of thinking (intelligence) exists when the number of animals and birds that do not have sophisticated language like humans ..

-No answer.  Depends what we mean by thinking.

-I mean the concept of “thinking” ability to find solutions in difficult situations or complex ..

-Insects solve problems we cant solve.  Questions like these are often raised, butbut they are too vague to lead anywhere.

-Dear Professor

The research in the field of space science costing America (as well as China, Russia, Britain, France ..) several billions of dollars annually, although 10 per cent of these funds huge, enough to eliminate all human tragedies, then what are the benefits of this type of research?

-Its of scienientific interest.  Maybe someome day more, but not in the near future as far as I can see.

- The Zionist lobby has much influence on U.S. political decision, do you think, Sir, that Israel is controlling the orientation of U.S. policy .. Or vice versa?

-When the US lays down the law, Israel obeys.  When the US government and the corporate sector doesn’t care too much, the lobby is effective.

-Dear Professor Chomsky

 History written by the powerful, and this means that a lot of facts that cite them, are just myths, what is the solution in your opinion professor to get to the truth as it is without distortion or falsehood?

-To work hard to correct the distortions.

-Magazine “Economist” published on 13 February an important topic on the relationship between language and thought but the subject is still in need of a broader discussion.

In your opinion - Professor - Is it the mother tongue have an impact on our view of the world around us?

-The topic has been debated for many years.  There is no clear evidence about an impact.

-  Is reverence for history and belonging to certain national is among the

ten strategies to mislead people?

-If you’re referring to a document attributed to me about “ten strategies,”

it’s a fraud.  I had nothing to do with it.
-There, researchers devised a number of languages artificial, such as “Espernto” and others .. but the use of these languages is very limited, despite the considerable progress achieved by linguistic studies by researchers greats like you, Sir, the issue of the invention of a universal language remains one of the utopias .. Why in your opinion, we could not create the ideal language so far?

-Esperanto is mistakenly regarded as an independent language.  It is not.  It is mostly borrowed from Romance, but more fundamentally, its rules are never given, because it simply relies on the knowledge of language of its users.

The goal may not be of any particular significance, which is, I presume, why almost no linguists have worked on it.

- Dear Professor
The local dialects in several countries besieged unfairly, and there are those who want to eliminate it altogether, in France, for example 75 languages and dialects are threatened with extinction, and even in the USA there is a fierce war against the Spanish language and local dialects waged by political associations known as “only English” and other associations, the reason for this fear of recognition of these languages and dialects so as not to occur political conflicts and even racist ..
What do you think, Sir, in this global problem?

-This has been happening for a long time.  There are some moves in the other direction, like revival of Basque and Welsh.  But the general tendency is very clear, all over Europe, and in other ways, elsewhere.  Commonly it reduces to spread of TV, national integration, etc.

-The scientific literature polluted concepts of racism, such as the concept of “race” in the field of sociology, anthropology, ethnology and linguistics .. etc, where still many scientists believe in the existence of “race superior” such as the superiority of man over the chimpanzees, which does not exist between them only a slight difference in the number of genes (2 per cent) .. for this I want to ask you Sir, Do you believe in the existence of “racist language” employs scientists to the objectives of non-scientific?

-Scientists have succeeded in undermining the standard vulgar notions of racism, which are generally dismissed.  The number of genes tells us very little.

- Dear Professor

How can science be neutral, while humans control their behavior a lot of volatile tendencies,
Are you optimistic sir - such as Fukuyama, for example - that humanity will be able to control their own destiny in the future, despite serious threats arising from the arms race with nuclear weapons, chemical, biological and even ideology.

- The results of science are neutral.  Practice can never be.  On optimism, it’s a subjective choice, and doesn’t matter.  We should do about the same things whatever our guesses.
-Do you think that President Obama is less bad than his predecessors?

  Is this young president has succeeded after three years in the field of governance to deliver on promises made in the period of his election campaign, ( internally and externally)?

-I didn’t expect much of him, and he’s been even worse than I expected.

-Was repeated often, after Heidegger, we can’t philosophize in all languages ..

Is this true in your opinion?


- Dear Professor Chomsky
There is an important question asked of all time is: When is it revolutionary violence justified?

-There are no general answers to such questions.
-Russia and China support the Syrian regime, despite the massacres committed against his own people every day, you could be behind such attitudes immoral economic and strategic interests of these two countries?

-Every state pursues immoral economic and strategic interests.

-Mr. John Ziegler said in an interview with him that the real criminals are the multinational companies, because these companies infringe on the rights of peoples and whole nations, Professor Chomsky What do you think about this terrible truth?

-His observation has considerable merit.
-America is a country of freedom, but this great country chose the extreme liberal economic system, which is a brutal regime, despite the global crisis that hit the U.S. economy several times, however, did not place any reforms to rescue the U.S. economy mired in debt? And is - Professor - Model Scandinavian or Japanese or the so called state social economy is an alternative we can encourage him?

-The “US” didn’t choose this system.  Hundreds of years ago Adam Smith pointed out that the “principal architects of policy” in England were those who run the economy, and they make sure that their interests are served well, however “grievous” the impact is on others.  The basic principle hasn’t changed.

- Dear Professor
World is currently experiencing serious growing of radical ideas, as is the case in Europe and America, especially the spread of the phenomenon of Islamophobia, which has warned you of it in the last lecture in Oslo, is this planned in advance or is it an inevitable consequence of the current economic crisis?

-Nothing is inevitable. It can be combatted and overcome.

-No. 42 in the edition of the Economic Forum in Davos, it was stressed that capitalism  in its current form, is no longer commensurate with the world,who failed to learn lessons from the financial crisis What is the economic alternative in your opinion, to eradicate poverty and unemployment and the problems of power supply ..?

-Much too complex a question for a letter, I’m afraid.

- Dear Professor Chomsky
Colonial states have become today used deceptive terminology, in order to justify the massacres committed by the right of countries colonized by similar
What did France in Algeria, for example, strange that this European country demanding the Turks to recognize the massacre of the Armenians, and does not recognize it as did the massacres and atrocities against Algerians .. Is this not hypocrisy to deceive the world public opinion .. Sir?

-You could call it “hypocrisy” if it were not virtually universal, though it’s true that France and French intellectuals are particularly grotesque.
-President Obama recently announced to reduce the U.S. defense budget by 13 per cent and the withdrawal of 100 thousand soldiers, Is this effective step to reduce the U.S. invasion of the States the opposition? Why was an exception to this resolution, the countries of Asia and the Middle East?

-That’s the way it’s presented, but it’s inaccurate.  There will be a small cutback in Pentagon growth, but spending is still going up.  So are preparations for military action abroad, in the two areas of most concern: Middle East and Asia.  The troop withdrawals are from Iraq (where it was forced by the Iraqis) and from Afghanistan (where they know they are facing a losing proposition).

-  You said once that the American mentality is based on ideology,

   While Samuaúal Hentengton said that it is based on culture,

  Is not the American ideological discourse is the result of American

cultural tendency or “American way of life”? Where is the difference in your

opinion, sir?

-I don’t remember saying that, and can’t comment on what SH may have said.

The reigning ideological discourse largely reflects concentration of

domestic power, I think, and have written about at length.

-Dear Professor
Is freedom of expression can be a threat to national security, and if the media is now the property of the owners of the money would not constitute a threat to loss of the “truth”?

-No doubt.


For example, that French-speaking African countries suffer from the almost absolute dependency of France in terms of economy, politics and culture as well ..

We in Algeria are suffering this problem in a manner causing a lot of serious conflicts between the French speakers, and speakers in the national language “Arab” and even in Canada and Belgium, there is almost the same problem .. is not it professor?

-Its a problem everywhere.  There is no uniform solution.  Depends on particular circumstances.

-Dear Professor Chomsky

Is it true that the economic and political control are easier if preceded by the dominance of language (the case of Francophonie, for example)?

-I know of no evidence about it.

- Sir

There are a number of linguists Arabs, demanding since the beginning of the twentieth century to change the Arabic alphabet, as did the Turks, who chose the Latin alphabet, because that leads to progress in their belief, but according to my study of the Japanese language, Japanese write four alphabets in a single text (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji , Romenji), and all these alphabets  is difficult and complicated, however, the Japanese people are very advanced, what do you think, Sir?

-Japan is doing quite well with its own orthography.  China too.  Orthography is not holding back the Arab world.  And for Semitic languages, the traditional orthographies, allowing vowels to be omitted, are quite efficient.  On the general issue, there are arguments pro and con.

-Dear Professor

You wrote with great courage on the responsibility of intellectuals, how do you explain the double discourse of many Western intellectuals (Heidegger: a great philosopher and a Nazi at the same time!)?

Why is the talk of many Western intellectuals, moderate and wise when talking about the issues of their nations, but he becomes aggressive and racist when they talk about the issues of other nations?

-Through history, educated sectors have tended to be supporters of power, and the (usually marginal) sectors that condemn crimes of the powerful tend to be at best marginalized, at worse punished, sometimes severely.

 Of course, it’s easy to condemn the crimes of others.  

This may be depressing, but it’s not really surprising.

-Dear Professor

Is the admission of Palestine to the United Nations is a positive step towards ending the Israeli occupation? And you are fierce defenders of the Palestinian cause.

In your opinion, what are your expectations strategy for the future of this country with the growing construction of Israeli settlements ?

-It would be a positive step, but the US wont permit it.

Continued construction of the illegal settlements undermines whatever hope is left for a peaceful diplomatic settlement of the conflict.

-Is Arabic dialect can compensate for the classical Arabic language In the field of education and science and knowledge? And you know that Arabic dialect is very poor in terms of terminology ..

* I’ve heard that claim a maimed, but am skeptical.

-Dear Professor I did not understand this response is well

“I’ve heard that claimed, but am skeptical”

- I’m skeptical about the claim. I don’t see what is unclear.

 -Dear Professor Chomsky
The NLP practitioners claim they have methods by which they can teach a foreign language in a few weeks, is this reasonable and possible, sir?

-I know nothing about them, or what they regard as success.
-The voices of animals vary from one language to another, how do you explain this phenomenonn ?
Is the sense of perception differs from one people to another?

-Never heard of anything like that.

-Excuse me sir, I shall put the question another way:
Why onomatopoeia for animal sounds vary from one language to another?
Does this refer to the different cultures or that sense of perception vary among humans in this area?

-Probably has something to do with the phonetics of the languages.  I’ve never seen a study.

Have you ever visited Algeria, and what is your impression about this Arab country?

-Many invitations, but haven’t yet been able to take them up.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
Is there a difference between the term “dialect” and “language”
This difference is it scientific or social?

-These are political, not linguistic notions.  A famous linguist once defined a language as a dialect with an army and navy.
-Do you believe in a generational struggle in the field of literature?

-No more than elsewhere, as far as I know
-What is happening in American schools of massacres raises great sadness,
Do you prevent the sale of arms in this great country is the solution in your opinion, sir?
Or that the type of education, media and cinema are the cause of the occurrence of such terrible massacres?

-The gun culture in the US is crazed.  Gun possession per capita is far higher than any other country, and not surprisingly, so are murders with guns and massacres.  It has always been a very frightened society, probably the main reason for the gun culture.  The roots of that are deep.  There should be gun control, but there is very strong popular opposition to it, increasingly rapidly in recent years, probably because of the hysteria about “terror.” It’s not difficult to engender fear and paranoia in a society that is already highly frightened of everything.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
United States is the only country that has not signed the Kyoto treaty on the protection of the environment from the risk of contamination, even though it is considered the largest contaminated country in the world, is not this attitude apparent suicide, because America defend its interests
against life!?

-Practically all of the energy policies being pursued, not just in the US, are virtual species suicide.
-The issue of the end of the world predicted by the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012 became raises perplexing reactions, where we find scientists from NASA, for example, supporting this hypothesis, and assert that there are signs of astronomical prove this fact!!
What do you think, Sir, in this new wave of rumors science and who is benefiting from published widely?

-Haven’t heard of any scientists paying attention, and haven’t noticed wide publication.  I don’t know of any reason to take it seriously.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
I believe that Netanyahu when the assault on Gaza, helps Bashar al-Assad to stay in power, especially as you know very well this issue, and your visit to Gaza was of the utmost courage?

-Takes no real courage, unlike those who have to endure the vicious siege.

Netanyahu and Obama are indeed helping Assad remain in power in ways that are not discussed: by failing to mobilize Israeli forces in the occupied Golan, which would compel Assad to remove his troops to the south.
-There are nations changed the alphabet like Turkey, which were the results of this change is the loss of a large part of the Ottoman heritage, Is the process of changing the alphabet will have negative effects on the core language, and the basic rules?

-I doubt that it had much effect
-The United Nations is totally failed, because they are incapable of defending serious issues, as is the case in Syria, Myanmar and Gaza, what do you think, sir?

-The UN is capable of acting only insofar as the great powers permit it to, primarily the US, which is by far the most influential, and since the UN began to reflect third world interests to some extent, far in the lead in vetoing Security Council resolutions, UK second, no one else even close.  The US role is dominant in all the cases you mention, and far beyond.
-There are many research confirmed by the BBC, for example, revealed that linguistic errors cause losses in the millions Euro for French and English institutions ..

-Linguistic errors are not spelling errors.  Mistranslations, for example, could I suppose cause losses.

-You are absolutely right sir
But what do you think in most French institutions - for example - be imposed on anyone who wants to join that mastered dictation!
It is also in the Arab world, all of the mistakes in dictation severely punished, it’s the reality with regret Sir ..

-Though it’s not as extreme here, it exists, sometimes with comical effects, like the efforts in schools, dating back to 18th century misunderstandings, to compel students to speak English as if it were Latin.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
There is a social phenomenon and linguistic repeated in most countries of the world:
Why some people ridicules of languages
​​and dialects other peoples? Is there a better languages ​​from other languages​​?

-Pretty much the same as ridiculing the customs of others.  Not based on any notion “better,” which doesn’t exist.
-Pedagogical terms .. Is spelling error is a big sin and deserved strict punishment, Some linguists consider it a “crime” as well as a number of
professors .. Do you consider this a positive attitude?

-Seems to me so insignificant I’d be unlikely to mention it.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
What are your expectations of the U.S. presidential election and whether
there will then be a positive change?

-The choice, I think is between generally bad policies and really horrible
policies.  Right now it looks very close.

-Seems - sir - you are very pessimistic about the future,
Is not there a way to change the less damage?

-The usual way: by large-scale political activism and mobilization.  It’s happened before, in worse times than these.

-Sir, I have one question

The Iranian regime is working to destabilize Arab countries, such as what it is doing now in Syria

-Iran is seeking to sustain the government of Syria.  When we do that, we call it “stabilizing the country.”

-Do you think, sir, that the Iranian regime is a religious system, such as the Israeli regime,

-The Iranian regime is definitely a religious regime.  Israel is primarily a secular regime.

-worthy of support and encouragement..

-I don’t know of anyone calling for support or encouragement for the Iranian regime, so don’t understand this question

..or that the international community has the right to control this country?

-Who is the “international community.”?  Most of the world is in the non-aligned movement, which strongly supports Iran’s right to enrich Uranium and condemns western measures against Iran.  But they don’t have the right to control Iran, nor does anyone else, except its own people.

-Sir Russian system supports the Iranian regime, for example..

-The Arab dictators regard Iran as a threat.  There have been many polls, western and Qatari, of Arab public opinion.  They reveal that people don’t like Iran, but don’t regard it as much of a threat.  In fact substantial numbers, sometimes majorities, think the region might be better off if Iran had nuclear weapons.  They regard the primary threats as Israel and the US.
In the US, all that is reported is the opinions of the dictators, reflecting the standard elite contempt for democracy.  I presume it’s generally the same in France.

-Dear Professor Chomsky

Is it true that there is a positive colonization?

And committing massacres against humanity is permissible to spread

civilization amid retarded people?

-Do you have an example in mind?  Perhaps Mussolini’s conquest of Ethiopia?

Or Japan’s conquest of China?  Or…

-I think that colonialism is a devastating evil, but this does not preclude mention some positive aspects in which, for example, the wars contributed, indirectly, in the evolution of a lot of scientific and technological means: such as aviation and medicine .. and others .. is not it, sir?

-The same is true of the Nazis, particularly their achievements in jet aircraft and rockets, which stunned western scientists and engineers when they learned about them after the war.

-Dear Professor Chomsky

The protests against the construction of nuclear reactors is increasing from day to day, especially in Germany and Japan, with the knowledge that it is very important source of energy in the current era of technological progress.

Professor Chomsky against the construction of these nuclear reactors, although it is too dangerous or with the idea to look for other alternatives?

-My feeling is that its very important to work hard on alternatives, as Germany and a few other countries are doing.

-Dear Professor Chomsky

 Male domination throughout history are caused by physical strength or intellectual?

Is not feminism exercise the same extremism practiced by “the man” throughout history against women?

- Surely not intellectual.

Don’t understand your point about feminism

-I mean that there are feminist movements are extreme in their ideas, just like the ideas of men who oppose them!

-No doubt. 

-Dear Professor Chomsky
French military intervention in Mali, is a necessary solution, or is it an attack on the international laws? What is the best alternative in your opinion, sir?
Thank you very much

-The invasion is not authorized by the Security Council, at least on any rational reading of the relevant resolution.  So it is in violation of international law, in principle – but reality is determined by how the powerful western states react.  It’s a difficult situation.  I don’t see any good solution.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
Why  failed spelling reforms in countries such as France, Germany, England,
and succeeded in the United States of America by Webster?

-You’d have to look into the very different social histories of these
countries.  The US was a newly forming immigrant society, lacking the fixed
institutional structures of the European countries.

-There is a big contradiction in the positions of international organizations
for the protection of human rights on the death penalty, where we note as a
fierce defender of the accused in cases of intentional murder, but they do
not do so for the defense of the rights of the victims!?
Do not you think sir that must maintain the execution, to protect the rights
of victims of intentional murder?

-I agree with Amnesty International and most states that the death penalty
should be abolished.

Dear Professor Chomsky
There is a very civilized nation such as the Japanese and Norwegians, but
they are committing terrible massacres against the whales in the ritual
barbaric and brutal.
How do you explain - sir - this big contradiction?

-For them to explain.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
Is it true that the World Bank is a facet of neo-colonialism?

-In some respects.  No simple answers to questions like that.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
According to a recent study, the United States known since the nineties “crisis in creativity” What do you think, sir?

-Depends what the evidence is.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
Each research provided by you in the field of linguistics is without a doubt a great and exceptional ..
Do you think, Professor, that there are areas still need to research deeper into the science of linguistics, which did not take more attention by the researchers?

-Barely touched the surface.  The more we learn, the more we discover we don’t understand.  That is what research is like in fields that are alive.

-It’s a really great wisdom!
And what is the definition of genius in your opinion?

One of the (all too many) questions I don’t know how to answer.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
Most astronomers believe, that man is the only creature “smart” in this great universe, is it reasonable, Professor, that in this vast universe where there is no intelligent creatures, despite the presence of all these billions of billions of planets?
Is not this big waste, as said actress Jodie Foster in the movie “Contact.”

-Some famous astronomers, like Carl Sagan, believed that it’s likely that there are many planets with higher intelligence.  No one knows.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
There are many languages have “religious background”, such as Latin, Arabic and Hebrew, not be considered “religious background” a barrier to the development of these languages?

-The languages don’t have religious backgrounds.  They were spoken by people who picked up religions along the way.  It has no effect on the development of the spoken languages, but it does on the literary languages.  English literature, for example, is peppered with biblical references.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
How do you evaluate the contributions Arab linguists in the field of
linguistics, and is it true that these contributions were simple and
superficial as some Western historians believe?

-If you’re referring to the medieval tradition, it was extremely important.
In the modern era, contributions are much more limited, though there are a
few really outstanding Arab linguists, like Abdelkader Fassi Fehri at
Muhammed V University in Morocco.

-There are many languages and was born after the translation of the Bible to them, Why do you think sir did not generate other new languages in the boom period of the translation movement in the twentieth century and this century?
Also, a large number of languages  still lag did not develop despite the translation of the Bible in these languages?

-Translation of the Bible has nothing to do with the variety of languages.

-Is it true that the media is doing revolutions and not oppressed peoples? Is
it also true that the concept of revolution change, which is not the same
concept is common at the beginning of the last century?

-That’s not my perception.

-Dear Professor Chomsky
What do you think, Sir, cartoons tarnished by the Prophet of Islam, and
whether freedom of art allowed to encroach on the sanctities of others, and
what do you think of Muhammad the Prophet of Islam?
(You can, sir, do not reply to the question if it is awkward) Thank you so

-Difficult to answer, because the hypocrisy on this issue reeks to the
heavens.  The Danish newspaper that published the cartoons had just turned
down cartoons ridiculing Jesus as offensive to public taste.  They would
never dream of publishing cartoons ridiculing Moses.  The ones they
published came right after a racist diatribe by the Minister of Culture
saying that something has to be done to contain the Muslim population,
probably about 5%.

As for the principle, they should not be banned by state power. But the
question virtually never arises except in contexts like this.
-Are Negro Movement (Negritude) racist, as long as they defend (only) for the Negro human culture, especially against the dominance of Europeans and Westerners in general?

-What do you know - sir - about Algeria historically and culturally?

-Some, not a great deal.

-Do you think that the process of castrating child sex abusers reasonable solution and penalty as a deterrent? Is there an alternative solution in your opinion?

-Outrageous in my opinion.
Like other mental disorders, treatment and to the extent dangerous to others, isolation.

In recent years, spread a dangerous phenomenon in almost all universities in the world, is “plagiarism” Why do you think, sir?
Is there a practical solution to reduce them?

-Students sometimes lift material from the internet for papers.   Apart from that, a very marginal matter.

-But Sir, there are many European and Arab universities and even Asian, complained of the spread of this dangerous phenomenon among students and professors also ..

-Here it’s students, and not out of control.  If it’s worse elsewhere, they should deal with it.

-Scientists hormones, believe that the attitude of the human source chemical, not civil or religious values​​, and the proof of this, according to their own opinion, that man changed his behavior when they make a difference in the proportion of hormones in the blood, what do you think, sir?

-Empty talk.  I’ve never heard anything like this from authentic scientists.

There’s no question that hormones influence behavior, but I’ve never heard of any scientist taking a position anywhere near as strong as this.

-Statistics is not science neutrality, as long Many have to use it to justify their own logic for suspicious targets and distort the facts, and therefore should be treated with extreme caution with statistics, what do you think Sir in this topic?

-It’s true that one should treat statistical arguments with caution, not because statistics is not neutral – it is – but because of choices of what to measure, etc.

A number of studies French talk about “linguistic Security” These studies confirm, that there are wars between languages, where every country that wants to impose its language on other countries.
What do you think, sir?

-Very remote, in my opinion.
-Does the U.S. Constitution is excellent to the extent that it has not been modified since more than 200 years?

-It’s been modified repeatedly.  The many amendments are all modifications, and interpretations have also varied considerably over the years.  There also quite reasonable calls for more radical revision, but that is hard to implement.

-There are a lot of questionable diseases in existence, such as bird flu and swine flu and SARS, where some studies have revealed involvement of the World Health Organization in advertising for pharmaceutical companies, what is your opinion in this case sir?

-The diseases are real, and serious.  Not sure why you bring in the WHO.

-Do you know the Algerian researcher in linguistics, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Haj Saleh? What do you think of his work?

-Don’t know of him.
-Dear Professor Chomsky
Can we describe the nature of governance in America an Oligarchy and not democratic?

-Or a plutocracy
-Is it true that the Indian Parliament, is a successful model of democratic parliaments, because it houses the largest ethnic and cultural diversity in the world, though, so it does not occur conflicts and fights, as we see in many parliaments?

-I’ve visited the Lok Sabha.  Mostly people screaming at each other in the style one sometimes see in the British parliament.  I’m told that’s not unusual.  Indian democracy has some impressive successes, but I think one can aspire to better.

A few months ago was published a wonderful book by Professor Robert MacChesney, about how capitalism transformed access to the Internet against democracy,

And you sir who recognized the importance of this book, and my question is: Is not the Internet a technology neutral way, like any other technological means?

-The internet itself is neutral, but the ways it is used are not, as the book shows.

-There are a lot of questionable diseases in existence, such as bird flu and swine flu and SARS, where some studies have revealed involvement of the World Health Organization in advertising for pharmaceutical companies, what is your opinion in this case sir?

-The diseases are real, and serious.  Not sure why you bring in the WHO.

-Does the U.S. Constitution is excellent to the extent that it has not been modified since more than 200 years?

-It’s been modified repeatedly.  The many amendments are all modifications, and interpretations have also varied considerably over the years.  There also quite reasonable calls for more radical revision, but that is hard to implement.




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