Interview with the Indian poet Kishor Jangda

juin 24th, 2012

By Rachid Filali

Q: You write a lot about love and in a very beautiful, would you prefer to write only for this world, pink, even though the world is full of problems and other humanitarian issues, interesting?

ANS:   I love to write about God, nature, death and life. Love has no forms but is a path to all three of them. My love towards God and His creation is the only motive of my survival. I’m writing on humanitarian issues in the form of articles and speeches; for my country is full of doctrines which hamper social independence in one way or another. I just post those love poems as people ask me to share it. I generally do not want to share it too soon as I feel that poems are like old wines; the older the better. The humanitarian works of mine are not noticed as it is a modern day tendency to seek the “Pink” instead of “Black”.

Q:-Are your poems published in books in order to facilitate the reader discover your world poetry?

ANS:  No my dear friend, my poems are not published yet but a lot of offers to publish my poems are popping up with time. I just want ample time to rediscover the colors of my poetry and then fly with a rainbow trail.

Q:-The writing of poetry to be one of the strongest types of writing an expression of self in the mother tongue, and you write in English How do you explain this paradox?

ANS:  Writing is the way of my soul as I always preferred solitude and sat under my beloved tree and thought of my choices. My mother tongue is ‘Punjabi’ and I write in both the languages. English is a wide known language which connects people across time and continents without any kind of communication gap and all the ancient poetry is inscribed in this language which enabled me to read and write. Languages are treasures for me and I’m happy to admit that I know 4 of them and connect to people through diversified styles.

Q:-Are you the readers of Arabic literature

  It is an Arab writer, who prefers to read his books?

ANS:  I’m a follower of Sufi saints and Sufism. As I’m brought up in a Sikh family which is filled with God related verses, a lot of Sufi verses are translated in Gurumukhi, English and Hindi which made it easy for me to study them. Hence, I can say that I read Sufi poets and writers from the past.

Q:-You are an expert in Cybergyan

  How to combine these two fields are different, and why, in your opinion, is the Indians of the greatest contributors to the development of programs COMPUTER in the world?

ANS:   Cybergyan is an IT research and consultancy company and an ignited flame for fresh minds. It is my first assignment as an Editor to promote the company’s agenda. All strings are attached to experience which I gain while working. India is a developing superpower, emerging in the late 1990’s and 21st century with the onset of IT industry. Entrepreneurship development is now linked with this field which made built the foundation for technical education across the country. With so many technocrats and clever brains working for a common goal, India is a big contributor due to the easy availability of resources and time flexibility across continents. For example, when a work is started in US and is carried for 12 hours and it is done, the proceedings are sent to Indian members of the team which then work for next 12 hours. So, due to this geographical flexibility, the time is saved and output is doubled as the work is 24 hours on.

Q:-India a great country, how he was able to maintain its existence, despite the huge diversity of cultures, religions, languages and races?

ANS:  India is united by various factors. People here are very happy to be a part of rituals and cultures. Almost every day is a festival in our country and festival means happiness and unity. Colors, lights and tastes; all bind the people together like a rainbow. The more people know about others, the more they learn and prosper. Languages are a medium if expression. On an average, each person knows at least 3 languages. We have heart touching incidents almost everywhere. Where I live, there is a Muslim family who sells crackers in Diwali and Colors in Holi which are Hindu festivals and people love them for more than 40 years. Such are the common place examples which bind the nation together.

Q:-India, countries that have returned strongly to economic growth in recent years, what is the secret to that?

ANS:  Population is a double edged sword which India possesses. Good economic policies for farmers made the economy strong as 70% of our population is related directly to fields. Free loans, free seeds, free tractors etc schemes make life easy for the food generators. Also, development in Science and Commerce led to a boom in the GDP. Foreign trade and policies with multidimensional prosperity held the key. A small improvement in financial policy increases the profit in a huge margin as there is a population which is huge and responsible for paying taxes and funds.

Q:-You are Indians, the world leaders in linguistics, mathematics, and now in the programs COMPUTER What is your comment about this superiority?

ANS:  We bow down always as a mark of our humility. The entire world belongs to every human. Every country contributed in it. We did our part too and we keep on doing the same. Nobody is superior or inferior as each brick counts in the building; even those which can be seen and even those which can’t be seen. Wisdom is shared in our religious books based on human duties and work ethics. We treat nature as god so that no one can destroy our very source of life. All development came from the ideas worth sharing. We believe in prosperity and not jealousy. As all great man taught us to work in unity and share the fruits with all. Mathematics and computers are the base factors of today’s development which led us to inventions and innovations.

Q:-What do you think are the important literary names in India today?

ANS:  It is too tough to answer as all are equally great. Every language has a great follower and contributor. Still, I will try to pick the literary names. Shri Ravindra Nath Tagore, Sarojini Naidu, Shri Haribans Rai Bachchan, G. Sankara Kurup, Madusudan Das, R K Narayan. Though I’m not so great to pick the best but still I tried to bring the literary names from different languages and styles.

Q:-Indian art is characterized by being with a special magic, such as music, dance, types of clothing, Indian cinema has known how to exploit the success of these elements outlined .. Is not it?

ANS: Indian culture is a development of ages and traditions under the effect of modernization. People change with time and they want something which is up to date. Indian cinema is the biggest producer of movies in the world. Around 800 movies are released every year, each with a new concept and flavor. Dance and music has been the top reason why people like the movies. Evan a movie with a weak story and screenplay can succeed in the box office with the so called “ITEM NUMBER”. There is a race among the actors and actresses to be at the top. Movies in India are successful on the basis of star cast. Clothing and location adds to the charm which touches the public. For example a movie based on a particular community is watched by that entire community which increases the profit margin.

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